MoovieCloud is a great, new way to create and share personalized postcards using well-known
and beloved comic strip characters, such as the Moomins and Fingerpori.

To create and send your MoovieCard, download the MoovieCloud application, tap the ”Create MoovieCard” button to explore a variety of comic strip based postcards.
Each MoovieCard is based on original 1-5 panel comic strip. You select the desired comic strip, type in your name and share your postcard via Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat or email. MoovieCards can also be shared to YouTube and YuuZoo.

Download the app and you’ll have access to a sample of free content to try out!



Moomin MoovieCards are based on Tove and Lars Jansson’s Moomin comic strips and they are sold in bundles. The Moomin family and their friends live an adventurous life in the idyllic and peaceful Moominvalley. Living in harmony with nature is one of the strongest themes, and nature plays a significant role in the Moomin stories. 
They are a family of white, round fairy tale characters with large snouts that make them resemble hippopotami. The carefree and adventurous family live in their house in Moominvalley, though in the past, their temporary residences have included a lighthouse and a theatre. They have had many adventures along with their various friends.
The Moomins also appeared in the form of comic strips. Their first appearance was in 1947 in the children's section of Ny Tid newspaper,[11] and they were introduced internationally to English readers in 1954 in the popular London  newspaper The Evening News.
Moomins are today very popular in all forms and in 50 different languages: comic strips, books, theatre, opera, TV series and  feature films.

heimo vesa ruumis.png

Welcome to Fingerpori, the strangest and funniest town in Finland!

Pertti Jarla's praised comic strip tells all you need to know about being a Finn.
And then some! It was first published in the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper in 2007 and nowadays as well in several other finnish newspapers and magazines. A number of Fungerpori albums have also been printed. Fingerpori, a fictious town in Finland, is the central location of the comic strips. It’s humour is often based on the Finnish language and various visual gags. It’s hugely popular in Finland and has also been translated into English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. In 2014 an English language comic strip album “Fingerpori from Finland” was published.



How to create and share a MoovieCard:

1) Download the application from the iTunes Store.

2) Sign into application by using your Facebook o-r YuuZoo- account or create an account using an email address. (Note: When using your email, do not use the same email address and password as you use in your Facebook account.)

3) Allow MoovieCloud to access your photos and videos in your device. THIS IS IMPORTANT SO THE APPLICATION CAN SAVE THE VIDEOS IT CREATES. 

4) Select “Create MoovieCard” and you can browse through all available content. The content is available for sale in bundles of 10 to 20 cards.

5) Select the strip you like. If it’s on a bundle you don’t own yet, purchase it.

6) Write your name in the card and then it’s compiled for you. The app will tell you when it’s ready for sharing.

7) Name your card if you want to and share it!