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Moomin mooviecard

Are you a Moomins fan? Now you can make Moomin MoovieCards with your favorite comic strips:
Select “Videos,” click “Create Moomin MoovieCard” and discover the many themes and strips available.
Choose your strip, write your name, click done and the app will tell you when your MoovieCard is ready for you to share. It’s that simple!

MoovieCloud collects all the videos from the phone´s album so that you can create and share video content across multiple platforms. In addition to being able to tune clips, MoovieCoud offers users a fun, new feature called Moovies which allows you to seamlessly insert your own short video clips into professionally made comical video templates to create a “Moovie.”



Imagine your video clip or photo being presented by a professional standup comedian in the guise of a news anchor. Simply scroll through a wide assortment of headlines (or let us suggest one) and insert your clip or photo into the mock-newscast. Then choose from a list of sign-off lines and you’ve just made a Moovie!

With MoovieCloud, all news is Good News!


EASY sharing

Share your videos privately to friends via e-mail or through WhatsApp or publicly to social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. Establishing a connection between your MoovieCloud account and the various social media your friends are on is a simple, one time task and, once done, sharing your videos is done with a mere tap of the finger.